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GS Yuasa

GS Yuasa

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GS YuasaDownload PDF A longer-life automotive battery for Australian conditions [434kb]
Want a longer-life battery designed to suit Australia's unique conditions? GS Yuasa introduces the Power Series, our premium range of batteries offering quality and performance. Our 'Power Series Ultra' battery boasts three times longer life than generally available imported batteries. > MORE
GS YuasaDownload PDF The future of batteries [148kb]
Not all automotive batteries are the same. Since 1860, when they were first invented, their role has changed dramatically. Cars now have as many gadgets as homes, and batteries have had to keep up with the changes. So how have they done this? > MORE
GS YuasaFind your battery fast!
Need to find the exact battery to fit your vehicle? GS Yuasa's Battery Finder offers an easy way to search for your battery based on the type of vehicle you drive. > Visit Battery Finder
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Get the Super MF advantage.
Yuasa Powersports Batteries
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